June 13, 2019
2 years, 11 months and 14 days since
our celebration.

Burke-Gallon 13th Family Reunion
"Celebrating Our Heritage and Building Our Future"

Dear Family Members,

The Orlando Steering Committee is excited to host the Burke-Gallon 13th Family Reunion. 

As our theme implies, "Celebrating Our Heritage and Building Our Future," let us continue to remember our past, celebrate our present, and generate our future.  Our reunion is a grand celebration where we reconnect our family.  We especially want our younger generations to connect to the profoundly rich heritage from which they have come.  All of the activities will provide a unique experience that you will not soon forget.  

The reunion will be held on June 13th - 16th, 2019.  We have worked  diligently in preparing an exciting agenda of activities throughout the weekend.  We hope you will join us in the "Sunshine State" of Florida on the "World's Most Famous Beach" in Daytona Beach, Florida for our "Hawaiian Luau."

We look forward to seeing you in the very near future.  Our reunion packets were mailed out in June of last year.  Please contact us if you have family members who did not receive reunion packets or do not have access to receive our reunion information via website, email,  and/or postal service. 

Since our last reunion, we as a familly, have had some incredible moments to share.  We will take time to relish in all of the triumphs and treasure all the memories. 

We are looking forward to seeing each and every one of you!  You don't want to miss it.  

As you browse our family reunion website, please click on the Music button in order to hear our reunion theme song, "Family Reunion."  It is a profound pleasure to serve as your reunion chairperson.  Love You All!


Burke-Gallon Family Reunion Association Officers
Executive Director - U`bangi Hajj-Mak
1st Vice Executive Director - Nikki-Harris Sloan
2nd Vice Executive Director - Irvin Lyons, III
Executive Secretary - Oni Oguntoyinbo-Rashad
Assistant Executive Secretary - Selena Lyons-Hudson
Executive Treasurer - Carolyn Ransom-Hall
Historian - Cassandra Brooks-Morris
Parliamentarian - Stephanie Brooks
Sergeant-at-Arms - Kamal Rashad
Chaplain - Calvin Hooper, I
Assistant Chaplain - Valerie Sims-Hooper


 Area Representatives
Delaware/Maryland - Najja Hajj-Mak
Central Florida - Angela Ransom-Wallace
North Florida - Mary Brooks
South Florida - Sylvia Lyons-Oguntoyinbo
West Florida - Regina Nelson
Georgia - Tartianna Martin
Kentucky - Selena Lyons-Hudson
Brooklyn, New York - Duane Wise
Geneva, New York - Carrie Bell Thomas
Rochester, New York - Carol Burke.
North Carolina - Arthur Nelson, Jr.

Mississippi/Texas - Stephanie Brooks
Other States - U`bangi Hajj-Mak


Orlando Steering Committee 
  Chairperson - Cassandra Brooks-Morris
Co-Chairperson - Angela Ransom-Wallace
Corresponding Secretary - Angel Wallace-Memminger
Treasurer - Carolyn Ransom-Hall




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