Father's Day is not just another day to honor our fathers; better still, it is a day to enjoy our fathers and appreciate all that they do for us.  What fathers really want is healthy, happy, and successful children; they want us to spend a few moments with them on their special day.

Today's life style is busy for both fathers and children.  So a little time with them on Father's Day would be great! 
A Father is more than the biological paternal source of our being; it is the person who cares and provides for us.  It is the man who helps to set the standards, the family values, and the example.  So add to this group, step fathers, grandfathers, nephews, cousins, and other men who willingly and eagerly accept and cherish the role.  

Whether biological, adopted, or informal, if they are the father figure to you, give them some recognition on this special day.

Our family reunion ends on Sunday, which is Father's Day; we want to honor and thank all of the Burke-Gallon Men for whatever roles you play in our lives.  We love and appreciate yo
u!  We admonish you to coninue to honor our family name.

Honor the Family Name

You got it from your father,
it was all he had to give;
Now it's yours to keep and cherish
For as long as you shall live.

It was clean the day he got it,
And a worthy name to bear.
When he got it from his father,
There was no dishonor there.

So protect and guard it safely,
For when all is said and done;
You'll be proud the name is spotless,
When you give it to your son.