Remembering You . . .

“I am the resurrection, and the life:
He that believeth in me,
Though he were dead, yet shall he live.”
- John 11:25

The photos shown are our loved ones who went to be with the Lord since our last reunion in 2017 (Louis Robert Mathis, Sr., Gloria Lee Mathis-Lemmons, Fred Batten, Sr., and Tamara Patricia Batten).


Oh how the time has passed
Since God called our loved ones home;
To be with Him in Heaven
Around the snow white throne.
We often have thoughts of them
When our families are together or alone;
For our memories are the one thing
That death can’t call its own.
We miss them, oh how we miss them!
To this day, sometimes we still cry;
But if we live the life led by them,
We’ll meet again in the bye and bye.

No one knows of the sadness,
Only those who have lost can tell;
Of the grief that’s borne in silence
For the ones we love so well.
Gone but not forgotten,
To that heavenly home above.
Some sweet day we shall meet them
And share in His infinite love.

Yes, it’s sad to part with those we love,
While here on earth we stay;
But then a brighter thought comes,
We’ll meet again some day.